Model              Voltage           Current          Power                   Overview                                                                  
 TL Series  135V - 270V  0A - 4A  250VA - 350VA  Cost Effective source of low noise, linear AC power
 P Series  135V - 270V  9A - 28A  800VA - 1250VA  General purpose Bench top AC power sources
 RP Series  150V - 300V  14A - 28A  800VA - 2000VA  General purpose AC power sources
 Compact iX
 150V - 300V  10A - 40A  750VA - 2250VA  AC/DC power source with a high performance
 power analyzer
 Wave (CW)
 135V - 270V  3A - 19A  800VA - 2500VA  Cost-effective Low Profile AC Source
 True Wave
 156V - 312V  7A - 64A  1750VA - 5550VA  Avionics and Commercial Applications
 iX and i
 Series II
 150V - 300V  0A - 120A  3kVA - 15kVA  AC/DC power source with a high performance
 power analyzer
 L Series  150V - 300V  4A - 133A  2kVA - 18kVA  Precision AC power in single, split or three phase
 Ls/Lx Series  152V - 312V  0A - 50A  3kVA - 18kVA  Three phase and Single phase AC power source
 CSW Series  156V - 312V  8A - 288A  5.5 kVA - 33.3 kVA  High Performance Programmable AC and DC
 Power Source
 135V - 400V  0A - 133A  18kVA - 54kVA  High output single or three phase power
 MX Series  150V - 600V  0A - 160A  90kVA - 270kVA  High levels of AC/DC power in a compact floor
 standing cabinet
 XWave  132V - 528V  150A - 4000A  30kVA - 480kVA  The XWave Series delivers high power density,
 efficiency and modular flexibility
 RS Series  150V - 400V  0A - 1500A  90kVA - 1MVA  High power AC and DC Power Source
 Current Sources
 FX Series  0 - 270V  20.1 - 200A,
 2.01 - 20A,
 0.02 - 2A
 0.0 to 5.4kW 
 or 54kW
 Programmable High current AC Current and
 Voltage Source
 CS Series  0 - 270V  44.44A -
 3kVA - 18kVA  Programmable high power AC current source
 Compliance Test System 
 CTS Series 3.2  150V - 300V  0A - 37A  1250VA - 15kVA  IEC Compliance Test Systems: 1250-15000VA
 Programmable AC & DC Immunity Compliance Testing
 MX CTS  150V - 300V  0A – 62.5A
 30kVA - 90kVA  Harmonics and Flicker testing of high power AC products
 Uninterruptible Power Supply
 Global UPS
 115 / 230 VAC  21ARMS  1920W  Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Supply