Digital Multimeters Product Lines


UT33+ Series
Palm Size Multimeter


UT39+ Series
Digital Multimeter


UT61 Series
Digital Multimeter

The new generation UT33+ series redefines the performance standards for introductory digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design makes sure that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. The UT33+ series safety standards have also been enhanced to ensure that users can work safely in CAT ll 600V environment.
  UT39+ series modern digital multimeters are portable devices designed for the electrical industry. They feature overvoltage and overcurrent alarm and high voltage protection, triggered during faulty operation. UT39C+ is suitable for HVACR maintenance with its temperature measurement feature. Designed according to CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V safety standards.   UT61 series complies with CE, ETL, and GS standards. This series is all auto ranged with seletected True RMS models (UT61 D/E). This series has an abundant of features, combined with high safety rating of C AT IV 600 V. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced electronics, and electrical users.



UT81 Series
Scope Digital Multimeter


UT89X Series
Digital Multimeter


UT100 Series
Automobile Multimeter

UT81 series handheld digital oscilloscope multimeters combine oscilloscope and digital multimeter in one. Oscilloscope measurement mode includes signal input, data processing, auto measure, waveform storage, and transfer. Multimeter mode features AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, diode, continuity, frequency, duty ratio, and capacitance. This series can quickly solve complex problems in electronics, factory automation, distribution, and maintenance of electronics equipment.   UT89X is a reliable hand-held 3 5/6 bit digital multimeter with true RMS sine wave measurement. It can measure Max. 1000V DC/AC voltage, Max. 20A DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, hFE, continuity and NCV, quickly distinguishing between neutral and live wires accurately. UT89X can measure temperature and detect neutral and live wires with a test lead. Equipped with audible and visible alarm, flashlight and auto backlight functions, this series can be used in dark environment.   UT100 series is specially designed for automobiles diagnosing. It combines RPM, DWELL, and other multimeter functions. The series is useful for automobile maintenance personnel to diagnose traditional vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle. Its applications include working on fuse, switch, solenoid, relay, charging system, fuel system, engine sensing etc.


UT118 Series
Digital Multimeter


UT120 Series Pocket Size
Digital Multimeter


UT123 Series Pocket-sized
Residential Multimeter

UT118 series pen type multimeters are light and durable. This meter has a fast sample rate of 4 times/s, which can quickly capture measurement readings. It is a cost-effective product customized for home appliance repair and DIYers.   UT120 series multimeters are designed f or DIYers and electronics engineers to troubleshoot electronics systems development and electronics circuits. It is a simple and portable multimeter for every electronics engineer.   The UT123 is a pocket-sized residential multimeter designed for home use. The compact structure makes it easy to hold in one hand, and the EBTN screen allows users to obtain clear readings at maximum angle, it is also great for working in dark environments.


UT125C Poclet Size
Digital Multimeter


UT136+ Series
Digital Multimeter


UT139+ Series

UT125C is a palm-size, stable and reliable multimeter with 4000 display counts. It is an ideal tool for measuring AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode and continuity with overload protection. This product complies with CAT III 600V and is granted with CE and cETLus certificates.   The new generation of UT136+ series digital multimeter has an innovative industrial design which ensures that the product can withstand a drop of 2 meters height. UT136+ series is designed to work safely in CAT II1000V/CAT III 600V environment.   UT139 series true RMS digital multimeters are designed with VFC function that enables LPF to have better accuracy under high frequency interference. Its NCV feature can also effectively check electrical status without contacting the object being measured.


UT195 Series Professional
Digital Multimeter


UT890 Series
Digital Multimeter

UT195 series are handheld industrial digital multimeters with IP65 and 2m drop proof. It can be applied in mines, oilfields and other harsh environments. Compare with traditional multimeters, UT195’s troubleshooting capability, resolution, and precision are improved to find issues related to motor drive, factory equipment maintenance, electrical distribution, and repair etc. It is exquisitely designed and easy to operate.   The UT890C/D+ 6000-count true RMS digital multimeters are designed with large LCD display. The maximum measurable capacitance is 100mF, with fast response time of less than 12s. The NCV and continuity measurement have acousto-optic indications. UT890D+ has a LIVE function for distinguishing between live and neutral wires. In addition, it is equipped with the automatic fuse blown detection and high voltage protection.