Electrical Power Tools Product Lines


Power and Harmonics Clamp Meter


UT251 Series 
High Sensitivity Leakage
Current Clamp Meter


UT255 Series 
High Voltage Clamp Ammeter

UT243 is an intelligent, handheld and stable power and harmonics clamp meter, with functions of digital ammeter and power meter. It can measure voltage, current, active/reactive power, power factor, phase angle and more. UT243 series can measure single harmonic components up to 20 times.   UT251 series high-accuracy high sensitivity leakage current clamp meters are designed for testing AC leakage current. These high-resolution meters are great for applications such as checking leakage current for motor, home appliances and other electrical equipment up to 600A.   UT255 series high voltage clamp ammeters can measure up to 69kV high voltage line current and leakage current. UT255 comes with an insulation rod, allowing professional users to check status of lightning arresters. The wireless model (UT255B) is also able to wirelessly transmit data in real-time up to 30m range.



UT261 Series
Phase Sequence and
Motor Rotation Indicator


UT262 Series
Non-Contact Phase Detector


UT270 Series
Clamp Earth Ground Tester

UT261 series is used for determining 3-phase power phase sequence, missing phase indicaiton, and motor phase rotation (UT261B). UT261A and UT261B can measure AC voltage of 40~700V and 90V~600V respectively. These devices can operate in frequency range of 15~400Hz.   UT262 series are clamp type non-contact phase detectors. Users do not need to be in contact with high-voltage, reducing risk of electrical shock to electricans and other professional personnels. Beside phase sequence detection, UT262 series can also be used for live wire detection, simple electrical inspection, phase identification, missing-phase judgment, and wire breaker searching.   UT270 series can quickly and safely measure the grounding system without disconnecting circuit ground lines or the need of auxiliary electrodes. It can measure resistance from 0.01Ω with a resolution of 0.001Ω. These clamps’ double insulation design makes them durable tools for outdoor work and they are effective in blocking interference signals from the environment.



UT281 Series
True RMS Flex Clamp


Flex Clamp Sensor

UT281 series can measure large currents in various harsh and hard to reach environments. They are designed with Rogowski flex coil and can test up to 3000A AC current. UT281A/C are from UNI-T's Pro Line series, which meet IP54 and 2m drop proof requirements. Due to the ease in operation, accurate readings, stable performance and reliable quality, these flex clamps are ideal tools for electricians.   UT-CS09D flex clamp sensor solves problems in measuring high current conductors in tight spaces. Its Rogowski coil based current sensor provides stable, safe, and high reliable measurements up to 3000A. This unique design and lightweight feature make it a great choice for professional electricians.