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UT12 Series
AC Voltage Detectors


UT18 Series
Voltage and Continuity Testers


Voltage Tester

UT12 series non-contact AC voltage detectors are widely used in the maintenance of low voltage equipments such as conductors, cables, sockets, and other electrical/electronics instruments. It is a very handy tool for electricians.   UT18 series are designed for testing AC/DC voltage, 3 -phase voltage, phase sequence, continuity, and more. This series is categorized as C AT IV 600V and meets IP65 standard. These voltage testers are perfect tools for electricians to quickly measure voltage levels in a ll environments. This series should NOT be used with 110V electrical systems.   The UT22B-EU voltage tester is a simple to use tool for electricians and DIYers to measure AC/DC voltage. This voltage tester is IP54 rated, and designed to withstand a 2 -meter drop. The great thing about this
product is that it does not require any battery, its power is supplied by the voltage being tested! UT22B-EU can automatically distinguish between AC and DC voltage, indicated by the number of LED lights.