Thermal Imager Product Lines


Thermal Imager


UTi160/UTi320 Series
Thermal Imager


UTi192/UTi384/UTi640 Series
Thermal Imager

UTi80P is Uni-Trend's latest portable infrared thermal imager with high-resolution (80×60). Users can observe the target object clearly at night and measure the temperature. UTi80P Cube has mulitiple palettes for different scenes. It is equipped with upper computer software and can transmit data through the USB interface, display and analyze all pixel temperatures, and perform high temperature capture which can quickly identify the hot spot location.   UTi160/UTi320 Series is IP54, suitable for working in rugged environments. The thermal imager is a useful tool for the electrical system maintenance, HVACR, motor equipment, and power line troubleshooting and maintenance.   Intuitive, efficient and convenient, making users directly "see" the temperature variation. Thermal condition of different locations for comprehensive analysis, providing more information for judgment
Avoiding judgment errors, reducing labor costs, and discovering poor heat dissipation and hidden trouble points. PC software for data analysis and report output.



UTi85/165/220/260 Series
Thermal Imager (Body Temperature)


UTi85/120/165/220/260 Series
Thermal Imager (Industrial)

UNI-T thermal imagers can quickly and effectively measure surface temperatures to identify elevated body temperature. These ergonomic devices can also be mounted on a tripod and set in public locations such as schools, shopping malls, and other high traffic areas. Some models can connect to a PC, display results on a large monitor in real-time, and automatically record data and image when high temperature is detected.   These series products are rugged, and ergonomically designed thermalimager with great performance. It adopts a UFPA detector to ensureexcellent infrared resolution and a rich variety of palette modes.Some models have the functions of visual light, buzzer alarm, andreal-time image transmission, which is convenient for various applications.