Infrared Thermometer Product Lines


UT30R/UT300R Series 
Infrared Thermometer


Infrared Thermometer


UT301+ Series
Infrared Thermometer

UT30R/UT300R has advantages of simple and sanitary operation, quick and accurate measurement. It can measure temperature accurately within 1sec by aiming the detector at target object.   UT300A+ is an economical infrared thermometer. Its compact and simple design makes it easier for users to carry and operate. Designed with high accuracy, high repeatability, quick response, long measuring distance, and more features.   UT301+ series infrared thermometers are professional tools for fast and precise non-contact temperature measurements. UT301 features 12:1 distance to spot ratio (D:S). This popular series is suitable for equipment/motor maintenance, HVAC, and many other applications.



UT302+/UT303+ Series 
Infrared Thermometer


UT305 Series
Infrared Thermometer


Mini Infrared Thermometer

UT302+/UT303+ series is a durable and easy-to-use infrared thermometer with high accuracy/energy (95%)/repeatability. It has the adjustable high and low temperature visual/audible alarm, responding faster than 250ms, which can help you quickly find out anomalies.   UT305 series infrared thermometers can measure temperature by laser or contact with k-type temperature probe. UT305 has a 50:1 D:S ratio, so it can measure long range temperature points of interest with great accuracy. UT305 also has 99 sets of data storage and USB data transmission.   UT306A is a portable non-contact thermometer. This device' s miniature design is convenient to carry and suitable for everyday temperature measurement needs. UT306A is designed to counter environmental interference, ensuring accurate temperature readings under various measurement environments.



UT309 Series 
Professional Infrared Thermometer

UT309 series professional infrared thermometers can determine surface temperature through measuring infrared energy radiated by the target surface. It is designed to meet one of the highest protection ratings in UNI-T's product line, with IP65 and 3m drop proof.