Environmental Testers Product Lines


UT310 Series
Vibration Testers


UT320 Series
Mini Contact Type Thermometer


UT330 Series
Temperature Humidity Meters

UT310 series handheld vibration testers can measure displacement, velocity, and acceleration of rotating and reciprocating machinery. Technicians can use these to monitor equipment status and ensure normal operation.   UT320 series are single and double channel contact type thermometers respectively. These highly accurate thermometers have a wide temperature range. UT320D can also calculate the temperature difference of its two channels. UT320 can be used with any K or J thermocouple probe.   UT330 series meters measure temperature and humidity with low power consumption and high precision. Measurement data to be saved and exported to PC software for further analysis. These meters can be used in factories, laboratories, research institutes, food, health, environmental protection, and other fields.



UT330-USB Series
USB Datalogger


UT333/UT333-BT Series
Mini Temperature Humidity Meter


UT333S Series
Temperature Humidity Meter

UT330-USB series USB dataloggers use high-precision temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors for long period monitor and record. UT330-USB series satisfies IP67 water and dust proof, can store 60000 sets of data and transmit them through USB to PC. They are great solutions for monitoring highly sensitive goods such as medicine or food during transportation and storage, greenhouse, wine cellar and more.   UT333/UT333BT temperature humidity meters can measure, process data, and display results on LCD. UT333BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T's custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage,and export. iENV can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or UNI-T’s website by searching ‘iENV’.   UT333S is a stable, safe and reliable mini digital temperature humidity meter. With split type design, it is convenient and fast to measure the temperature accurately in different environments. The split type design is perfect for monitoring hard to reach and small ventilation ducts.



Coating Thickness Gauge


UT350 Series
Sound Level Meter


UT353/UT353-BT Series
Mini Sound Level Meter

UT343D coating thickness gauge can measure coating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. This device is designed with a unique quick test feature, which allows users to set thickness range and using a 3-color LED and audio alarm to quickly determine if coating being tested falls within the preset range, greatly increasing work efficiency. This CE certified device can store up to 500 sets of data for further analysis through the PC analytical software that is included.   UT350 series sound level meters can measure sound noise level and output results in dB. A or C weighted modes can be selected depending on the application. These meters consume very little power and can continuously work up to 20 hours. They are suitable for industrial and environmental sound level measurements.   UT353/UT353BT mini digital sound level meters can convert ambient sound into electric signals, process data and display results on LCD. They can constantly monitor ambient sound. UT353BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T's custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage, and export. iENV can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or UNI-T’s website by searching ‘iENV’. 



UT360 Series


UT363/UT363-BT Series
Mini Anemometer


UT363S Series

UT360 series anemometers can measure temperature, wind speed, and wind count. These meters can be used in energy saving, HVAC, fishing and other industries that use exhaust or ventilation systems.   UT363/UT363BT are mini wind speed and temperature meters. UT363 and UT363BTcan measure wind speeds up to 30m/s.
UT363BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T's custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage, and export. iENV can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or UNI-T’s website by searching ‘iENV’. 
  UT363S is a stable, safe and reliable split-type anemometer, featuring quick detection,
low consumption and high accuracy. It can be widely used in mining, electric, iron and
steel, petrochemical, energy-saving, navigation, fan manufacturing, exhaust
ventilation, sporting and more sectors.



UT370 Series


Mini Tachometer


Wood Moisture Meter

UT370 series non-contact tachometers measure rotating speed of shaft or disk with a point laser and reflective tape on the object being measured. These meters can output RPM or count readouts without interfering with the equipment being measured.   UT373 is a reliable digital non-contact tachometer used to measure rotation speed of motors and other machines. This device is able to display results in RPM or revolution count. This portable device is able to safely measure rotational objects through a non-intrusive method.   UT377A is a digital meter designed to measure the moisture content of wood, paper, plywood, and other wooden materials. UT377A’s miniature design, low power consumption, and high precision all make this a great product choice for measuring wood moisture content.



UT380 Series
Light Meter


UT383/UT383-BT Series
Mini Light Meter


Light Meter

UT380 series light meters measure light intensity and display results in Lux or FC. It has a high sampling rate of 100/s. UT380 series' low power consumption allows up to 200 hours of continuous operation. Results can be stored within the device and transferred to PC for further analysis, printing and storage.   UT383/UT383BT can effectively measure light intensity and display results in units of Lux or FC on screen. UT383BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T’s custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage, and export.   UT383S is a stable, safe, reliable mini digital light meter, widely used in lighting, agriculture and animal husbandry, mining enterprises, laboratory, office, household and more sectors. 



Temperature Humidity Meter


A25D Series
PM2.5 Meter


CO2 Meter

A13T measures real-time temperature and humidity and display readings on a large screen. These can be  used for both indoor and outdoor measurements, meters have alarm clock and 12/24 time mode. A13T displays comfort rating based on the combination of temperature and humidity. Hanging hole and stand are available for wall or table mount.   A25 series air quality meters are used to measure PM2.5 concentra􀆟on. A25 series
can be used in homes, offices, hotels, schools, factories, hospitals, restaurants,
and other public places.
  A37 is used to detect CO2 concentration in different environments. The LCD displays CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, and date/time together. Air quality is indicated with emoticons. When CO2 concentration gets too high, audio and visual alarm will go off.



Digital Thermometer

A61 is an IP65 rated thermometer with FDA certified stainless steel probe. It is equipped with a protective shell to prevent accidental skin puncture and burning. With its portable pen-like design, clear backlight display, and auto power off functions, A61 is a useful temperature measurement tool for cooking, refrigeration, heating, food processing and other applications.