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UT681 Series
Cable Tester


UT682 Series
Wire Tracker


Wire Tracker

UT681 series are high performance cable meters designed for tesing ethernet cables (RJ45), telephone lines (RJ11), BNC lines, and high definition data lines (HDMI). These testers can quickly detect short circuit, improper wiring, and open circuit statuses. UT681 series testers are able to quickly test and accurately determine the status of all wires in multi-conductor cables listed above. These testers are great tools to use in the field of communication, electronics system installation, and maintenance.   UT682 wire tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver, it is able to track ethernet/telephone/power cables without opening their insulation. UT682 can troubleshoot ethernet cables and is a recommended tool for debugging eletronics systems, communication cables, and audio/video cables.   The device is an intelligent wire tracker which consists of the transmitter and receiver, this kit is designed with strong anti-interference ability. The receiver can quickly and accurately locate the target cable. This kit can automatically identify open, short, polarity, and quickly distinguish cable failure.