Laser Distance Meters Product Lines


LM40/60/80/100/120/150 Series
Laser Distance Meter


Distance Meter Tape


Laser Rangefinder

The LM series laser distance meters are portable devices that can easily and accurately measure length, area, and volume by pressing one button. These tools can be used in interior/exterior design, construction, factory supervision, engineering inspection, traffic accident evidence gathering, real estate development, fire assessment, and more.   The LM40T is a laser ranging tape measure 2-in-1 process that has been comprehensively reformed in the ranger finder series. Widely use in various types of constuction, indoor and outdoor decoration design, construction and constuction plant supervision site, engineering survery, repair engineering and technical personnel, fire facilities assessment and public facilities planning, gardening, electtricity and other fields.   UNI-T’s new LM series laser rangefinders enable accurate measurement of height, distance, and angle. The new speed measurement function adopts low power pulsed laser that is safe for the eyes. The new and improved LM series laser rangefinders are perfect tools for a wide variety of applications such as engineering surveying, navigation, golf and hunting.